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    • Estudo de viabilidade operacional do aproveitamento energético de um sistema de adução  (Trabalho de conclusão de curso)

      Ramires, Marianna Pelizzoni; Formicola, Joao Pedro Pereira Bueno; Silva, Larissa Bezerra; Iversson, Maria Silvia Ibidi; Suiti, Arthur de Paula (2023)
      The work focuses on analyzing and improving the procedures of a water distribution company. The main objective of this work is to evaluate the feasibility of generating energy within the water pipes of a city's water ...
    • PapelEco LTDA.  (Trabalho de conclusão de curso)

      Martin, Fernando Mantovani; Custodio, Luca Martins de Souza; Lima, Pedro Henrique Cagnassi Freire; Zuchinalli, Victor Correa (2023)
      The Seed Paper is commonly used on one-usage, quickly disposable products, like business cards. The Pizza Market in São Paulo consumes monthly, an approximate average of 17 million pizzas, thus, 17 million pizza boxes are ...
    • Plano de negócios MULTISAB - sabão multiuso sustentável  (Trabalho de conclusão de curso)

      Oliveira, Beatriz Victoria Sebastiani de; Rodrigues, Gabriel Gomes; Sammarco, Henrique Roon Li; Martucci, Lucas Felipe (2023)
      The objective of this project was to study the cleaning products market and develop a business plan to produce a multi-purpose product that is also sustainable. The group also focused on creating a project that had ...